COVID-19 has had unprecedented effects on a lot of companies, yet one of New Zealand’s local low-price supermarkets have recently caught my eye with a relatively simple but highly effective marketing campaign.

As a background… their mascot is a hand-drawn stickman that we usually see promoting low prices and food discounts on television adverts. He’s always been a prominent part of their advertising strategy, but a new Instagram page popped up a few days ago that really got my attention…

I was particularly impressed by their execution of this campaign (if you can call it that) because it comes down to sheer whit and humour as their primary tool of promotion. The premise is simple – take their everyday mascot, give him a personality and design clever branded graphics that make people think for a few seconds before they laugh. It’s really engaging and I felt the need to share it!

Pak n Save's Instagram page
Here’s a screenshot of Pak n Save’s instagram page showing the various hand-drawn cartoons.

Each one of the cartoons plays off of a bit of simple humour, which drives people to laugh and then often, share. A dreamboat result for a simple campaign idea. Some of my favourites…

What a great example of simplistic design, an excellent marketing idea, and a straight-to-the-point execution.