Feeling like a good list of default Sass Mixins? You’re in the right place.

Last updated 17 March 2016

This is the most complete cross and backwards browser compatible list of Sass mixins using vendor prefixes. I use this bad boy every day – src download link in footer. If you have any additions please comment below! Enjoy.


  Author - Andy Crone | @andycrone_
  + Popular mixins including vendor prefixes for cross-browser support


// === Standard layout & styling

@mixin box-sizing($value){
  -webkit-box-sizing: $value;
  -moz-box-sizing: $value;
  box-sizing: $value;
@mixin box-shadow($value){
  -webkit-box-shadow: $value;
  -moz-box-shadow: $value;
  box-shadow: $value;
@mixin border-radius($value){
  -moz-border-radius: $value;
  -webkit--radius: $value;
  border-radius: $value;
@mixin background-size($value){
  -o-background-size: $value;
  -webkit-background-size: $value;
  -moz-background-size: $value;
  background-size: $value;
@mixin linear-gradient($angle,$gradient1, $gradient2) {
  background-color: $gradient2; /* Fallback Color */
  background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, $angle, from($gradient1), to($gradient2)); /* Saf4+, Chrome */
  background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient($angle, $gradient1, $gradient2); /* Chrome 10+, Saf5.1+, iOS 5+ */
  background-image:    -moz-linear-gradient($angle, $gradient1, $gradient2); /* FF3.6 */
  background-image:     -ms-linear-gradient($angle, $gradient1, $gradient2); /* IE10 */
  background-image:      -o-linear-gradient($angle, $gradient1, $gradient2); /* Opera 11.10+ */
  background-image:         linear-gradient($angle, $gradient1, $gradient2);
  filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(GradientType=$angle,StartColorStr='#{$gradient1}', EndColorStr='#{$gradient2}');

// === Animations

@mixin transition($value) {
  -webkit-transition: $value;
  transition: $value;
@mixin transform($value) {
  -o-transform: $value;
  -ms-transform: $value;
  -webkit-transform: $value;
  transform: $value;
@mixin transform-origin ($value) {
  -o-transform-origin: $value;
  -ms-transform-origin: $value;
  -webkit-transform-origin: $value;
  transform-origin: $value;
@mixin animation($name, $duration, $timing, $type){
  -o-animation: $name $duration $timing $type;
  -moz-animation: $name $duration $timing $type;
  -webkit-animation: $name $duration $timing $type;
  animation: $name $duration $timing $type;
@mixin animation-delay($value){
  -o-animation: $value;
  -moz-animation: $value;
  -webkit-animation: $value;
  animation: $value;
@mixin keyframes($value) {
  @-webkit-keyframes #{$value} {
  @-moz-keyframes #{$value} {
  @-o-keyframes #{$value} {
  @keyframes #{$value} {

// === Filters

@mixin filter($value){
  -o-filter: $value;
  -ms-filter: $value;
  -webkit-filter: $value;
  -moz-filter: $value;
  filter: $value;

// === Browser mods

@mixin appearance($value){
  -moz-appearance: $value;
  -webkit-appearance: $value;
  appearance: $value;
@mixin user-select($value){
  -webkit-touch-callout: $value;
  -webkit-user-select: $value;
  -khtml-user-select: $value;
  -moz-user-select: $value;
  -ms-user-select: $value;
  user-select: $value;

Thanks! I’d love you to share these if you find them useful :).

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