I work from a co-working space in Christchurch, New Zealand. Each day there are different number of people in, often shifting their seating location throughout the week. We have permanent, semi-permanent and hotdesk spaces littered throughout the office.

THE COLLECT co-working space is a busy haven of hard workers and brekky scoffers. It’s a bit nutty.

Despite this madness, I’ve observed an authentic attention to detail from our courier delivery man.

He knows us

At first I didn’t notice it, but recently it dawned on me that every time he delivers a package he takes note of the person’s name, what they look like and where they usually sit. Without fail, he can now pick out and find each and every one of us and deliver our juicy packages directly to us. Isn’t that great?!

Yes, it is.

Seriously, how often does your delivery man/woman greet you by your name, wear a smile, and genuinely look stoked to see you? Probably never. Our courier man loves his job and it’s his pleasure making my experience personal.

How would you go picking out who’s who after one delivery attempt? This postman is a legend!

I genuinely enjoy interacting with him and have started treating him like a friend vs just a temporary person giving me something I want. All it took was a little bit of effort on his part and now I genuinely look forward to getting deliveries – not just for the package! I feel like I should write into his employer and tell them they have a gem hidden in their ranks…

Do you know your customers personally?

It does make you think about all the little opportunities you’re leaving behind to personalise touch-point experiences for your customers.

  • Do you greet them by their name?
  • Do you try to understand their specific needs and tailor an experience for them, or are they just one number in a sea of hundreds?
  • When was the last time you cared about an interaction with your customers enough to not automate it – to make it authentic and real – something they’ll appreciate and remember?

If I’m honest, I never thought I’d be drawing user experience insight from my local delivery guy. Wow, nice one Mr Postman!